100% Circular

Plastic from one polymer family.


Very stable in terms of elongation and shrinkage.


Part of Victoria GrassGroup.
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About us

Edel Life is the new standard in premium durable artificial grass

Welcome to Edel Life , the fresh face of premium artificial grass. Although we are new to the market, we build on deep expertise and we are proud to be part of the renowned Victoria Grass group.

Edel Life stands for circular and modern quality. Behind every fiber of our artificial grass lies a wealth of craftsmanship and dedication. Our team of experts works every day to create products that not only last for years, but also perfectly match the latest trends.

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Premium artificial grass for landscaping, sports and games

Life Landscaping

With Life Landscaping we offer unique types of high quality artificial grass, each carefully designed for the look that suits your outdoor space.

Life Play

Life Play introduces three types of grass specifically designed for the dynamics of sports and play.


The most sustainable and circular artificial grass in the market

With our way of producing, transporting and recycling, we are at the forefront of the market. Sustainable thinking and action is in every fiber of our premium artificial grass.


Our artificial grass is not just any grass; it is a top quality product, put together with the best materials and techniques. For those who want only the very best.


With a keen eye and unprecedented dedication, we focus on quality and service. Every challenge, both in production and on the market, we tackle with enthusiasm.


Not only does our grass feel good, we make sure you are firmly in your shoes (or bare feet) with us as your partner.


Edel Life is the result of con stant innovation. Always one step ahead, for a grass experience that is ahead of its time.


Everything we make can be reused again. Because even though our grass isn't real, we think real green!


Our unique non-directional production technique combined with the latest landscaping trends creates a look that is both modern and true to nature, right down to the last sprite.

News and blog

The face behind Edel Life

Kilian Peschel is the brain and heart behind Edel Life . artificial grass, knowledge and innovation are, so to speak, the non-directional yarns of his life. Introduced by a friend 13 years ago, Kilian found his way into the artificial turf world and has never left the route since. In 2021, Kilian's paths crossed with Victoria Grass Group. An acquaintance that resulted in the creation of the label Edel Life : the fresh face of premium artificial grass.

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The difference from traditional latex artificial grass?

Check it out! In this handy infographic, we show you what makes Edel Life artificial grass so special compared to standard latex artificial grass. We are proud of our innovations and how we have transformed artificial grass into something that is not only beautiful and will last, but also good for our planet. Wondering how we are doing this? Take a quick look.

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Dealership and collaboration as key to success

At Edel Life , we understand that a successful business is not only about great products, but also about a smart marketing strategy. In this blog post, we want to take you behind the scenes of Edel Life and show you how we use push-pull marketing.

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